new shops

 I have opened new shops on both Artfire and Zibbet and have no intention of closing my ETSY shop, at this time, anyway. The recent guide line changes at ETSY actually had very little to nothing to with this decision it’s been in the works several weeks, it just made more information available.

    I have decided to take a wait and see attitude and see what the changes do bring. I actually though ETSY was getting better as I haven’t had to wade through pages and pages of plastic clocks in a while to find my listings. And at the moment I have no real gripe with ETSY.

  The year I have had a ETSY shop has been a positive learning experience In terms of more awareness of presentation ,social networking , and better idea of marketing. It as shown me that my own web site witch some tell me looks very good ,is actually confusing and difficult to navigate . This insight led me to start forming a marketing plan and to increase my web presence.

   I hopefully can move into this holiday season in a better position marketing wise along with new products, some new designs for my 12 & 16 inch traditional open face clocks, and a radical new design for the movement cover and mounting hardware for my new line of decal clocks. I do not like the idea of running away , but if the mass producers bury my little one man shop I will  do what I have to. 


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