quiet morning

Some times you just wake up way to early, but not early enough to go back to sleep and to early to start the day. Coffees a good idea, now your restless. If you start banging around the house you’ll wake everyone else up, and you don’t feel like people. You think I ain’t  done that in a while, You grab the camera and leave the I pod. It’s a fifteen minute drive.

The sky is getting lighter and the breeze off the water is chilly  and smells fresh this early, a great blue heron glides by and the only sound is the water lapping the shore. The camera is on it’s tripod pointing down river, the clouds look like they could be interesting once the sun rises. The restlessness is giving way to a calmness as you reflect on life and how peaceful it is here. You have photographed dozens of sunrises here, but you have never brought any one else with you.

You see a light, something interesting is coming up river, you can’t hear it yet. ImageIt’s still a quiet morning


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