New to Zibbet

  I am new to Zibbet and I did come from ETSY but I had made the decision several weeks ago to branch out and to look into alternatives markets, It just made a lot more information available. I have not closed my ETSY shop and have no plans to do so in the near future, I’ll just wait and see what the changes bring. 

  So I have questions for some of you who have been around Zibbet for a while like what have you found that works best, what are the similarities to Etsy ( such as favorites and the like) is it worth the cost of upgrading? I liked the idea of shop owners helping each other , and what do think of it so far.

That’s all just wanted to say Hi and that Auburn/Gray  Designs is now on Zibbet  and alsoImage  the clock here is only available on Zibbet at the moment, 


2 thoughts on “New to Zibbet

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  2. Reblogged this on lisaweirjewellery and commented:
    I too have now opened my shop on Zibbet: Like you keeping my shop on Etsy open for time being. Bit concerned by the dissolution of term “Handmade”. Will see how I fare on Zibbet. So far a lot more personal contact with all my enquiries personally answered within hours. Good luck!

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