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Wall Clocks

Black Friday  Why risk life and limb or any peace and serenity the season may bring? and also brighten up those long winter nights with something colorful of summer. Yes that’s right, my wall clocks now on sale on Zibbet .com – Auburn Gray Designs make great gifts and can be purchased in relative safety , unless you have to go the post office   Enjoy  this Holiday Season ImageImageImage +

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 Nothing to sayImage

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Odd Fire Works

  I received a comment on a earlier post about someones else’s photo of fire works and how my image related . I got to thinking that not all fire work photos are big puffy balls. At least my aren’t.  Well it gave me idea to crop one tighter , and well I like these two photos because they are not typical puff balls. I know how I did one of them  the other was serendipity, so it goes ImageImage   

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got me dam

Some asshole spammer got me today, called me saying Mr. Larry hackers are trying to hijack your computer to do evil, this is Microsoft and we are here to save you!  now I know that Microsoft isn’t going to call me unless I pissed them off or owe them money. but he caught me in the middle of doing something and I fell in.  I ran every scan I have and can’t find any damage yet?  well it got to the point that I said you can fix my computer for free!  ” No Mr. Larry it will take a $100.00 to save you!” I am not giving you any money,  “But Mr. Larry I can not save you with out a $100.00 !”  I am turning off my computer and hanging up now. Then I call My I T guy , I HATE IT WHEN I DO SOMETHING THAT MAKE HIM LAUGH. Well it looks like I got lucky and saved my own ass, and I also    SAVED A $100.00 MR. RUSSEL

PS live and learn Image  

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I took this photograph like ten years ago and it’s been my desk top back round threw four computers for almost that long. I took it just to see if I could do it. I keep as my back round because I still like it. It took two days to set it up, the actual photograph took maybe ten minutes. and I know that I have spent way more time enjoying it and explained how I did it than that. It may never hang on a museum wall and that O K , because it still the first thing i see when I start my computer    Image

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Functional Art

I like things with clean lines, and that function with style. I came upon this 41 Willys , and it dose excellently.


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rainy day

 A rainy day things that needed doing were all out doors ,for the most part. so got bored, When the rain let up  I garbed the camera and decided  quick dirty and simple between the drops. Well, it improved my mood. Image  

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 The three of us decided that we would tell each other three things that we are grateful for every day this month.1- The two woman I live with, one my S. O. the other a friend who shares our house. 2- the opportunity to hear a friend share her gratitude. 3- That I am still on this journey of recovery.Image   

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That’s why I like open face wall clocks

Time to fall back, time wise that is, We have clocks , I make clocks , simple clocks, open face clocks. Not all our clocks are made by me, not the digital’s (witch button do I push) and others with lens and bezels (I have to take it off the wall) and have to reset all the clocks today. I can’t give my usual I’ll get to it, no, a time will be picked and time will be set then and there. The clocks started as my way to produce functional art, and when it comes to setting the time I succeeded. When I sell a clock I send instruction that say “use the knob on the rear of the movement,” yea right. So I will give the minute hand a single backwards twirl-  done, so easy.  Now it’s off to spend some quality time with the micro wave.    Image

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