That’s why I like open face wall clocks

Time to fall back, time wise that is, We have clocks , I make clocks , simple clocks, open face clocks. Not all our clocks are made by me, not the digital’s (witch button do I push) and others with lens and bezels (I have to take it off the wall) and have to reset all the clocks today. I can’t give my usual I’ll get to it, no, a time will be picked and time will be set then and there. The clocks started as my way to produce functional art, and when it comes to setting the time I succeeded. When I sell a clock I send instruction that say “use the knob on the rear of the movement,” yea right. So I will give the minute hand a single backwards twirl-  done, so easy.  Now it’s off to spend some quality time with the micro wave.    Image

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