I took this photograph like ten years ago and it’s been my desk top back round threw four computers for almost that long. I took it just to see if I could do it. I keep as my back round because I still like it. It took two days to set it up, the actual photograph took maybe ten minutes. and I know that I have spent way more time enjoying it and explained how I did it than that. It may never hang on a museum wall and that O K , because it still the first thing i see when I start my computer    Image

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2 thoughts on “Dandy’s

  1. Lisalisa110 says:

    That’s really interesting because today a person on Google+ posted an image that was really zoomed in tight. It was all stark white in color. She posted that it was Fireworks. The pic was in one of the photography blogs where users submit their photos and other users comment on them giving them either a keep or delete. Either way if you get to 10 you are either the winner and your photo goes onto the section called Light Box where it gets highlighted for a long time. If you get 10 deletes your out. Come back tomorrow and try again with a new photo. It’s pretty cool cause you give and get feedback. So anyway. I’m land on your post here and I see this gorgeous image (I’d love a copy, be thrilled to show it off), the colors, the uniqueness, the lines, the dark background and I see the word you wrote, Dandy’s! This woman’s picture was not fireworks and I just knew it wasn’t , it couldn’t be. The lines were too straight, their was too much symmetry, almost perfectly balanced.She duped the entire thread audience. I commented beautiful just can’t imagine how you did this. All the while thinking when fireworks blow off they are not do perfectly symmetrical. They are close but more of a pattern than perfect symmetry. Pure white she said, it is Fireworks up close. Certainly unique. I even said it looked like a magnified Dandelion “wish” weed. Now after seeing your picture I can tell for sure that is was not fireworks at all. I will if the picture is still up and send it to you.

  2. Thank you for your comment, and it has been compared to fire works in the past I think I will check out google + and yes I do have extra 8X 10 floating around I think

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