got me dam

Some asshole spammer got me today, called me saying Mr. Larry hackers are trying to hijack your computer to do evil, this is Microsoft and we are here to save you!  now I know that Microsoft isn’t going to call me unless I pissed them off or owe them money. but he caught me in the middle of doing something and I fell in.  I ran every scan I have and can’t find any damage yet?  well it got to the point that I said you can fix my computer for free!  ” No Mr. Larry it will take a $100.00 to save you!” I am not giving you any money,  “But Mr. Larry I can not save you with out a $100.00 !”  I am turning off my computer and hanging up now. Then I call My I T guy , I HATE IT WHEN I DO SOMETHING THAT MAKE HIM LAUGH. Well it looks like I got lucky and saved my own ass, and I also    SAVED A $100.00 MR. RUSSEL

PS live and learn Image  

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