When did we become so disrespectful of each others? When did lying become acceptable? When did we lose or ability to be open minded, to listen to others and to compromise?
Where did the America sprite go? When did we stop talking to each other? When did we stop exchanging ideas? What divides us that we hurl insults at one an other in stead of solutions?
Who are these people that tell us there is no common ground? and why do we listen to them? Why do we spend so much energy attracting each other?
Look at the rest world many don’t talk to each other, and chaos is what they have.
If you been lead to believe that any body who dose not share your opinions want to destroy what we have, Well there are 317,000,000 of us and not every one is going to agree with you, sorry that’s the way it is.
That person you are insulting is a American like you , he is one of us, placing blame, accusations, suspicions, and hate will not solve this. It will destroy us, We need to start talking to each other again.


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