A confession, I do not always use the rule of thirds, no more than I think in the zone system. But I am aware of them, and use them when they fit the situation. Someone once told me that photography is art for every man(woman or child) and it is more true today than it was in the 70’s when I heard it. Flicker, face book selfies, pinterest, and let us not forget the cell phone camera and the art of photography is open to everyone.  

  And has much as I would like to dis it all, I can’t , I see some pretty amazing photography by people who probably have no idea there is a rule of thirds or a zone system.  

  I consider myself a serious photographer and have for a long time, so how as this digital revolution affected me. It has made me reapply myself, to up my game. To challenge myself, but most of it has made me explore and experiment  and put the fun back it my photographyDraden City Musem


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