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I Am

FC 12 028 I Am She was told to write about  who she was, how she saw herself, what are her good points. well she had a sheet of paper she had colored. and was putting away her stamps. this was the results. The original hangs in her bedroom  this clock hangs there also. Most of my clock designs are my own but sometimes something touches my soul and my heart and it has to be shared.  available in my esty shop

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A Beautiful World

I live near one of few places where the Mighty Mississippi flows east. and when the sunrise is at 6:oo am and there is a chill in the air. Well it’s worth it mississippi morning  5

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A Beautiful World

Never been a world traveler, working on that. Just get in the car and drive some place that sounds cool, live out of my pack for a few days  Bad Lands, that sounds cool,bad lands wide field 4 so different from the Midwest where I grew up and still live. Morning drinking black coffee watching the clouds breakup after a late night rain.

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a beautiful world

A place of wonder if you open your eyes to it, A place of adventure if choose to explore it A place of unlimited opportunity if you choose to experience  spaceimages_2164_2483403  it  A place to live in harmony

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Innovation is sometimes born of necessity. And that was the case with Auburn/Gray Designs new line of surface mount wall clocks

Not the printing of a clock face on a low tact polyester fabric, that was pretty cut and dried or the photography, graphic design, or styles of the clocks. It was the mounting of the clock movement. I had an idea of how I wanted these new clocks to look, flush to wall with a sleek appearance, and all I could find was a hockey puck looking contraption that I could not get to look sleek at all, no matter what I tried.   So/

( Innovation : is a new idea, device or process.[1] Innovation can be viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, needs, or existing market needs.[2] This is accomplished through more effective products, processes, services, technologies, or ideas that are readily available.)

/ left to my own devices I designed and fabricated a sleeker movement  housing , that is easier to mount securely to wall while making maintenance task such as replacing the battery very simple ( there are no little hard to access  screws to leave out) so it doesn’t fall off the wall bending the hands.

Has a way to reintroduce my line of Designer Surface Mount Wall Clocks On ETSY I am offering Free shipping in the United States to the end of the year  on these innovative and unique wall clocks.tie dyi F

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The Way

I love being outdoors this time of year, I have found that humping a pack in cool or even cold weather  is way better than hot humid weather and plus there are no bugs (big Plus) .  I find that even if I can just squeeze in a weekend hike a walk down a trail through a forest  still refreshes the soul and makes what ever I face in my week more bearable and the time till the next hike pass more quickly .the way

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Second Blood Moon

It gives us tides , it stabilized  our axis, It lengthened our day it inspires poets,  enthralls lovers gives wolfs something to howl about, and some time it just entertains usblood moon2014 copy

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