Monthly Archives: November 2014

I have added two new wall clock designs  with more to come , That is  a big part of the fun of this putting new designs out there and seeing if people like them or not  oh yea the web site is down for repairs so I am only on ETSY at the moment dark side  color event horizon Far Side of the Moon & Event Horizon

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A Beautiful World

Untitled-1  dandy 4I see the wonders of nature in things that other people see as  nuisances, I think I became a good photographer because Photography taught me how to see

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Beautiful World

green shiney 2As the weather cools with the changing of the seasons some of the small things that are just to fast to even get a good look at slow down a little. Little colorful chrome blurs that dart threw the garden never landing at one place for any length of time in the warmth of summer. The chill in the air and the scarcity of fall flowers and these little jewels will even slow down enough to pose for a photograph. Nature teaches me and makes me practices patience with the reward being to experience the beauty and wonder of the small things

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