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Getting Serious again

Decided to get the shop on Bonanza open again  getting serious againart deco mix012

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Solar Eclipse

Been away for while working on the shop and life and that goes with it it. Took a day to watch the Total Eclipse with some friends and shoot a few photos, This is the first total eclipse I have ever seen, never made to Nova Scotia, so thought it would make a cool new clock 17 eclip link incheck it out in my ETSY shop    

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Almost Done

 Auburn/Gray Designs  redesign of our clocks and web site is all but complete , we made our wall clocks lighter and non intrusive with a new mounting system which we see has opening up a promotional market for us and the new web site design is much simpler and straightforward. We did not change the American made quality of our products we just improved it

still hot

While the left coast suffers through the worst  drought in fifty years  we have had an amazing amount of rain here in the Midwest so the yard as gotten out of control. so after an attempt to bring it back to manageable state, now hot and sweaty. I came inside to cool off. looking for something refreshing I came across this photo of a frozen bubble from a few years ago. It didn’t work I am still turning the thermostat down.frozenbubble3 copy

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4 th of July 2015

Hope everyone enjoyed Americas 239th birth day   and that we keep the America dream alive047_1291

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Good Morning

11406984_650818351718115_5595136189693509030_n Rushed for time  ( it happens) so here is a local cloud

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wfeels  The size, power, and complexity of steam as always fascinated me. You stand near them and you feel small and lite. the workings of the machine is exposed so as to see all of it’s parts. They are from a simpler time. So a simple image

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paint table/city museum


paint table 2 JJJ





some times not cleaning up the mess children make is a good thing, but I suspect some adults had a hand in this  and no one told me to get off the table  and some things compose them selves

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A contemporary wall clock design, stylish, and sleek with a traditional look by Auburn/Gray Designs

daff F

A contemporary wall clock design, unobtrusive, flush to your wall, stylish, and sleek with a traditional look  Daffodil style wall clock with a traditional look in 16 inch diameter Surface mount Wall Clock.  An Auburn/Gray  Designs Exclusive . We achieved a sleeker look in our round or freeform ( cut to shape) surface mount clocks by redesigning the movement hosing ( we didn’t like the hockey puck that our suppliers offered) The clock face is printed on a low tack medium with a flat non glare mat finish, that can be moved and remounted numerous times without damaging or leaving any adhesive residue on your walls . On a drywall(sheet roc) walls the supplied tack is all that is needed to support the movement ,battery ,and cover. For plaster, paneling or other hard surfaces that can be drilled into a small molly screw is provided. Although the clock face will stick to any smooth surface it must have the additional support of the tack or the molly screw for the clock movement assembly. the clock face will not stick to rough wood, stucco, rough finished plaster .

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