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Splash Of Color

With the total resign of our open face clocks completed, our next decision was what next, well? How about color just for the sake of color. Functional art and a contemporary look with lighter recyclable materials and a new none intrusive mounting system for our new Quartz Wall Clocks.           www.auburngraydesignes.com/OpenCart/

color for its own sake

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Got It’s 10 th. favorite

This 16 inch wall Clock From auburn Gray Designs  Golden Satisfaction Orchid  ( which was a a stand out entry at the St. Louis Botanical Garden Orchid Show) Just got it’s 10 th. favoriteoricid ornage

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It’s back

Well the web site and store are not all way up yo stuff yet but it is open again auburngraydesignes.com just in case you are wondering about the extra “E” in designs well to put it nicely my I T guy didn’t get a lot stars in spelling class Till next time

fire work  445 Oh about the image  it’s raw -no photoshop

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A contemporary wall clock design, stylish, and sleek with a traditional look by Auburn/Gray Designs

daff F

A contemporary wall clock design, unobtrusive, flush to your wall, stylish, and sleek with a traditional look  Daffodil style wall clock with a traditional look in 16 inch diameter Surface mount Wall Clock.  An Auburn/Gray  Designs Exclusive . We achieved a sleeker look in our round or freeform ( cut to shape) surface mount clocks by redesigning the movement hosing ( we didn’t like the hockey puck that our suppliers offered) The clock face is printed on a low tack medium with a flat non glare mat finish, that can be moved and remounted numerous times without damaging or leaving any adhesive residue on your walls . On a drywall(sheet roc) walls the supplied tack is all that is needed to support the movement ,battery ,and cover. For plaster, paneling or other hard surfaces that can be drilled into a small molly screw is provided. Although the clock face will stick to any smooth surface it must have the additional support of the tack or the molly screw for the clock movement assembly. the clock face will not stick to rough wood, stucco, rough finished plaster .

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Orchid Show

A few photos from the last orchid show at ImageImageImageThe Missouri Botanical Garden, also known as Shaw’s Garden,

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