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Something New Something Changed

Well it has been awhile  since there have been some new clock designs here at Auburn/Gray designs ETSY store , Not that we’ve been slacking well maybe we have a little. So we will be adding these designs over the next few weeks.new things  Also we are adding to are open face clock line a new surface material, This is a polyester fabric that give the clock face a texture look, while still providing a durable surface. There have also been some been some minor changes to some old favorites. We are still committed to providing you with a unique addition to any decor that is functional art and a quality time piece, so all your times can be interesting.

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paint table/city museum


paint table 2 JJJ





some times not cleaning up the mess children make is a good thing, but I suspect some adults had a hand in this  and no one told me to get off the table  and some things compose them selves

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It’s back

Well the web site and store are not all way up yo stuff yet but it is open again auburngraydesignes.com just in case you are wondering about the extra “E” in designs well to put it nicely my I T guy didn’t get a lot stars in spelling class Till next time

fire work  445 Oh about the image  it’s raw -no photoshop

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A Beautiful World

I live near one of few places where the Mighty Mississippi flows east. and when the sunrise is at 6:oo am and there is a chill in the air. Well it’s worth it mississippi morning  5

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