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After Rigorous Testing the ETSY Shop is Open Again


Now Lighter, and non intrusive to walls  and back on ETSY

Lighter  means that we have achieved one of our original goals, That our wall clocks are non intrusive and do not require you to make a hole in your wall with either a screw a nail or a anchor that may need to be repaired later. By using existing technology we were able to develop a mounting system that is both secure and non invasive to walls and still allows for the clock to be easily removed and reattached to your wall  for battery replacement and time changes. Placement of the clock is quick and easy without the need to make a hole and the clock can be moved just has easily without leaving  any evidence such as holes or residue on your wall.

Non intrusive means that Auburn/Gray Designs wall clocks can be used in places where you do not want damage your wall or where conventional wall clocks cannot, such has the office or a dorm room, or any place where putting holes in walls is not permitted or feasible because of wall material such has plaster modular wall board or brick.

With the new lighter base material and the non intrusive mounting system we can now offer low cost, low impact, and easy to place promotional clocks the can be placed by a sales representative in seconds without damaging the clients wall. Limited run, custom designed, and sized clocks to promote your business or origination.

Lighter also means less costly shipping in both an economic and ecological sense. We can now offer Free shipping in the lower 48 states and reduced shipping cost everywhere  else, and this also reduces our carbon foot print. The new material used to fabricate the clocks structure besides being lighter can also be recycled. All excess materials from the manufacturing of Auburn/Gray Designs wall clocks is now being recycled.

Auburn/Gray Designs wall clocks are still a basic open face design, and they are still each custom made when ordered with the clock face custom printed on a ink jet printer with a acrylic laminate to protect it from moisture and scratches. Although our custom made wall clocks are light weight they are still manufactured to highest standards, and will sit more securely to your wall then most much heavier clocks   And has always Auburn/Gray Designs Wall clocks are American Made using American made materials and Quartz movements, We did not change our American Made quality we just improved it.

Functional Art  by  /  Auburn/ Gray Designs  / Innovation in Time


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Roses are natures art at it’s best you can pick from our selection of beautiful Rose themed wall clocks or have a custom clock designed and made using a photo,Painting or Drawing of your favorite rose. Functional Art rose choice

At  Auburn/Gray Designs Etsy Store

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paint table/city museum


paint table 2 JJJ





some times not cleaning up the mess children make is a good thing, but I suspect some adults had a hand in this  and no one told me to get off the table  and some things compose them selves

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Beautiful World

green shiney 2As the weather cools with the changing of the seasons some of the small things that are just to fast to even get a good look at slow down a little. Little colorful chrome blurs that dart threw the garden never landing at one place for any length of time in the warmth of summer. The chill in the air and the scarcity of fall flowers and these little jewels will even slow down enough to pose for a photograph. Nature teaches me and makes me practices patience with the reward being to experience the beauty and wonder of the small things

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A Beautiful World

Never been a world traveler, working on that. Just get in the car and drive some place that sounds cool, live out of my pack for a few days  Bad Lands, that sounds cool,bad lands wide field 4 so different from the Midwest where I grew up and still live. Morning drinking black coffee watching the clouds breakup after a late night rain.

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a beautiful world

A place of wonder if you open your eyes to it, A place of adventure if choose to explore it A place of unlimited opportunity if you choose to experience  spaceimages_2164_2483403  it  A place to live in harmony

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A confession, I do not always use the rule of thirds, no more than I think in the zone system. But I am aware of them, and use them when they fit the situation. Someone once told me that photography is art for every man(woman or child) and it is more true today than it was in the 70’s when I heard it. Flicker, face book selfies, pinterest, and let us not forget the cell phone camera and the art of photography is open to everyone.

And has much as I would like to dis it all, I can’t , I see some pretty amazing photography by people who probably have no idea there is a rule of thirds or a zone system.

I consider myself a serious photographer and have for a long time, so how as this digital revolution affected me. It has made me reapply myself, to up my game. To challenge myself, but most of it has made me explore and experiment  and put the fun back it my photography.Draden City Musem

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Odd Fire Works

  I received a comment on a earlier post about someones else’s photo of fire works and how my image related . I got to thinking that not all fire work photos are big puffy balls. At least my aren’t.  Well it gave me idea to crop one tighter , and well I like these two photos because they are not typical puff balls. I know how I did one of them  the other was serendipity, so it goes ImageImage   

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